Top Floor Plan Ideas for a Small Restaurant

July 15, 2018


For many people, opening their own restaurant is a dream come true. But with that dream, also comes a lot of work. Before you start serving up masterpieces to a hungry audience, you’re going to have to figure out how you want your restaurant to look. If you have a small restaurant, that means a lot of thought is going to go to your floor plan.

The Kitchen

Kitchens take up approximately 40% of the space in a restaurant. That might seem excessive, but think of how important the kitchen is not just in the preparation of the meals, but in moving items and people efficiently in a tight spot. How you lay out the kitchen is one of the most important elements in having a smoothly running restaurant.


Putting the restrooms near the kitchen is a great way to save space and money by having them tie into the kitchen’s water and plumbing lines.

Having a Bar or Countertop

Even small restaurants can benefit by having a bar or a counter for dining. They provide economical space for extra customers and often present a friendly face to the general public. If you have to install a countertop, a good restaurant construction contractor in Toronto will be able to work with you to make sure it’s attractive and to your liking.

Dining Area

Firstly, you want to make sure traffic can move freely through the dining area while fitting as many patrons as is comfortable. Once you’ve come up with a capacity and an arrangement you’re happy with, then you can get creative and decorate the space in a fashion that draws people in, and provides an enjoyable all around experience.

The Entrance and Waiting Area

While smaller than the other elements of your restaurant, you don’t want to shortchange your entrance. How your customers arrive, and where they may have to wait for a table, can be crucial for encouraging return business.

To build that dream restaurant you’ve always wanted, it’ll help if you hire professionals. Working with an experienced restaurant builder in Toronto will be instrumental in creating the type of restaurant you can be proud of.

Credit goes to Green Frog Construction – Restaurant Design Toronto





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