Should You Renovate, Remodel or Rebuild Your Older Building?


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Time can wear down old buildings. In commercial construction, a tired building with inefficient energy appliances or services that no longer meet build codes (such as outdated fire prevention systems) affect both the functionality of the structure and it’s maintenance costs. An old building does little to impress potential clients too. It is important to do what it takes to keep your commercial property remain fresh, updated, and in an impressive condition to invite business. How? Let the experts at Green Frog Construction guide you.

Right Time to Renovate

Renovation restores the building to good shape wherever required. All it takes is to identify the spaces effectively and areas of concern. Outdated styling can easily be updated to current trends in a renovation, without major structural work performed. Think of a renovation as a face-lift for your business. Problem areas in older builds, such as cracked drywall, damaged flooring, or mould in damp areas, can spread to other parts to increase repair work later. In serious cases, it makes better sense to remodel or rebuild. Hire professional contractors for thorough inspections to keep the building in good working condition and improve aesthetics.

Right Time to Remodel

Remodelling involves redesigning the layout or structure of a commercial space. Remodelling makes sense if your building is outdated and does not meet compliance or building codes, or if new functionality is needed in an existing space. If your business has expanded or you wish to merge smaller office rooms into a larger open room floor plan, it is best to hire a General Contractor with Design Build services such as Green Frog Construction. Remodelling ensures it is updated and compliant to meet current rules and regulations to keep it safe and secure for its occupants.

Right Time to Rebuild

When a building lacks the functionality needed by your organization’s current and future needs, or the structure is too old to bring back to code economically – it might be time to consider a rebuild. Frequent renovation and remodelling can lead to added costs for a company. In the long run, rebuilding might be the best investment. This way the upgrades are uniform throughout and every area meets safety and compliance codes.

Green Frog Construction – Commercial General Contractors

Give us a call for your renovation, remodelling, or rebuilding needs. We help businesses put their best foot forward with top commercial construction services. From design to delivery, we have a workforce that strives to meet all your requirements within your budget. We have executed all of these types of projects for various clients in the retail, corporate, hospitality, laboratory and restaurant sectors. All while building a reputation for consistency, efficiency, and excellence. Contact us to see how we can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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