Is Your Commercial Property Outdated? Here Are Three Signs It’s Time For An Update

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Owning a commercial property is a significant accomplishment for one to be proud of. That’s why it’s imperative to keep it in top condition to attract customers, impress competition and keep employees satisfied at their workplace. When your commercial property was built, it was most likely modern and stylish for the time period. However, with ever-changing styles, competition spreading from both brick and mortar stores and online stores, to customers expecting new and improved products, businesses must keep up. Unsure if it’s time for your commercial property to be updated with the times?

Green Frog Construction has a guide on the signs to look out for:

Customer Drop-Ins Dip
Commercial properties are stationary, and therefore, rely heavily on being aesthetically and visually appealing to attract customers. Although customers and potential hirees can look up your business online, many will be drawn to walk-in to a business if the property has attractive curb appeal and is well maintained and contemporary. Appealing curve appeal, including parking lots, gardens, your building’s exterior and signs, are all apart of customer service. If you’ve noticed an evident decrease in walk-in traffic to your business, it may be a sign that your building is antiquated and in need of a revamp. 

Consistently Bad Reviews

According to a research report by Dimensional Research, 90% of people claim that the positive reviews influenced them to buy from a certain business (Dimensional Research). In a digital age, anyone is able to research your company and be swayed in an instant by negative reviews. If your commercial property is receiving endless bad reviews, it may be the cause of a poor layout which you want to restore immediately. Missing out on the chance to gain a new customer, client or even employee prospect decreases business sales and affects your reputation.

It can be beneficial to update the exterior, your floor plan or other design concepts to encourage better customer communication, have a visually appealing concept and allow natural light to shine through.

Neighbouring Businesses Are Evolving

Competition is healthy, and in order to stay successful and relevant, commercial companies have to keep an eye on neighbouring businesses. If businesses around you are evolving, adapting to trends and boosting their curb appeal, it’s an indicator that you should be following suit. Embrace current technology that attracts and accommodates to younger consumers and makes their experience swift and easy. Browse the competitions stores to get an understanding of their layout, features and aesthetic elements that may make your space more appealing and accommodating for consumers.

For outstanding renovations that can boost sales and impress the competition, call the best contractors at Green Frog Construction for renovations in Toronto. With your business ideals in mind, we’ll put your company’s best foot forward and leave you with impressive property revamp results. Each project is unique and our commercial contractors ensure all safety and quality standards are met and exceeded each time.

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