How To Make Your Commercial Grow Room Sustainable

January 20, 2019

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Do you worry that your commercial grow’s room design will have a negative impact on the environment? Sadly, growing cannabis does have an environmental impact on the amount of electricity, water usage and excess wastewater it uses. However, it’s possible to make this process sustainable and environmentally friendly. Grow rooms allow for cannabis to flower through a specific process of germination and growth. Sustainability is essential to reduce the detrimental impact of pollution on the environment. Here’s a list of ways to design your commercial grow room to be sustainable:

Pick A Place You Can Customize

Choose a location that is more remote and discreet for your commercial grow room. This will allow your business to have more security and permit. Look for a space that has several options for you to customize such as lighting, ventilation and safe water.

Use Organic Soil

The most effective and sustainable soil for you to use is living/ organic. Living soil has a variety of benefits including microfauna and microorganisms which make it easier for nutrients to be absorbed by the plant. Using living soil reduces your environmental impact and the soil has more nutrients than non-organic soil.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Your plants will need ample lighting at various stages of the growth process, so it’s important to purchase energy-saving light sources. LED is by far the most energy-efficient lighting source. LED lasts longer, uses significantly less power, and emits less heat than other light sources.

Efficient Water Disposal

Cannabis cultivation requires a significant amount of water usage which can result in excess water waste. To avoid this, the best watering practice is hydroponic growing which reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides. It reduces water consumption by up to 90% and plants grow significantly faster with this method. Reverse Osmosis systems are very effective for cleaning and removing the solid/salts and treating water. It can also provide a much more accurate reading of plant nutrients. Water recycling using runoff and vapour water is important for sustainability. Both these water sources can be sterilized and purified to be reused to grow cannabis.

Choose Efficient HVAC

Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation are essential aspects to a grow room for your plants to thrive. However, HVAC can be costly and harmful to the environment so opt against traditional HVAC systems and use chilled water systems to dehumidify. An affordable and sustainable option, chilled water systems allow for nutrient solution temperatures to stay within the proper range. This means that higher levels of dissolved oxygen are accessible to the root while the plant becomes stronger in preventing potential disease.

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