Five Telltale Signs Your Commercial Property’s Siding Needs An Upgrade

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Attractive curb appeal is important for homes but absolutely crucial for businesses. Customers, clients and employees all view your company’s exterior and form a first impression. A building’s siding is a huge proponent of the curb appeal and ensuring it’s visually appealing and damage-free is important to the image of your company. Renovations can become expensive, but a siding upgrade can be a sensible investment and a lucrative decision for your business.

If you’re unsure whether your commercial property’s siding needs a makeover, check out the five telltale sides it’s time to upgrade the siding.

1. Bubbling Siding

Siding is meant to protect your property from the outdoor elements, however, it is not completely resistant to heat and moisture. Detecting bubbling or blistering on the siding may indicate that the siding has begun to succumb to the elements. Only reputable commercial contractors in Toronto can replace the siding and ensure the problem does not occur again.

2. Chipping and Denting

Hail is an extremely strong element and it can cause destruction to the siding of a home. If you spot chipping, cracking and dents, this may be a sign that the siding has fallen victim to hail. Hail can hinder the siding’s ability to effectively protect a building and the siding will need to be replaced when this occurs. 

3. Exorbitant Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed your business’s energy bills have been increasingly high, the cause may be outdated siding. Your commercial property’s siding is its first defence against harsh outdoor elements and keeps your customers, employees and clients warm and comfortable. If it is not in optimal condition, you may be losing heat and gaining cool hair from the outside which is causing your energy bills to skyrocket.

4. Outdated Colour

Damage and deterioration do not have to be the only reasons to upgrade and restore your commercial property’s siding. If the siding colour you chose originally for the building is antiquated or visually unappealing, it’s time for an upgrade. Customers are often deterred by unattractive curb appeal and with unsightly siding, it can hinder your business’s sales.

5. Cracked Siding

Cracked siding is not only unappealing, it can threaten the health and safety of your clients, customers and employees. Cracked siding allows water to penetrate through the surface and enter through the underlayment. If the cracked siding is neglected, the problem can escalate and cause further issues. Have it replaced by Green Frog Construction to ensure the safety of your business.

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