Designing Office Space That Grows With Your Business

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Whether you have a small start-up, medium-sized business or a large corporation, the effort at every step is to ultimately make it grow. As your business expands, your workspace needs to keep up too. It’s important to plan a long-term growth strategy and design an office that can grow with your company. 

Those who are unprepared for rapid business growth often find themselves in a tight spot when it’s time for them to accommodate new employees. It’s important to consider a few aspects when you’re checking out an office space.

  • Is there room for bigger business meetings?
  • Can you fit in more equipment and workstations when needed?
  • Is the environment inspiring and productive for employees?
  • Can it seat more people without feeling cramped?


Flexibility is key to adjust and revamp your office space. Privacy is important for sales teams who take calls frequently or to host business meetings. You also need open space to collaborate freely and enough bathrooms when the team grows.

Layout Options

Always integrate Plan B in your layout ideas, aligned to your expansion plans. An open concept layout gives you the ability to accommodate more desks, meeting rooms, a bigger lounge and collaborative spaces. When you are ready with a couple of layout options on hand, it’s easy to develop the working space later as and when needed, instead of feeling stuck. Larger layouts help you meet and entertain clients in a more impressive environment. Portable partitions are a good way to create segregations to offer partial privacy if required. 

Multi-Use Space

A larger office space is not always the answer to expansion plans in the future. A space that can be rearranged more easily is what you need. Think smart and look at the quality of the space, not the quantity of the area. Adaptable, multi-use space is what you need to look out for.


The location is of prime importance. Office neighbourhoods in a commercially viable area makes your business look more professional, especially when you are a start-up and attempting to establish your identity. Smaller spaces that allow collaborative discussions, maintaining a sense of privacy creates a productive environment too. See what suits your business needs, then look for an office neighbourhood that offers such spaces that can be designed to create an impact, even when it grows. 


Pick sleek furniture that can be disassembled and reassembled in creative ways. Furniture is integral to designing a welcoming, impressive office space. Consider ergonomics to maximize comfort, productivity and efficiency in workspaces. Long hours sitting in front of a computer in an enclosed space can result in neck pain, spinal disorders, tendon problems and headaches. Invest in furniture that will ease movement for your employees and keep them productive. 

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