Commercial Grow Room Setup
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Commercial Construction


  1. • Exterior Paneling
  2. • Store Front
  3. • Commercial Paving
  4. • Exterior Signage
  5. • Window Framing
  6. • Site Work
  7. • Mechanical Services
  8. • Sprinkler System
  9. • Electrical Services
  10. • Structural
  11. • Plumbing

Green Frog helps your business put its best foot forward with top commercial construction services. We have executed construction projects for various clients in the retail, corporate, hospitality, laboratories and technology sectors, building a solid reputation for consistency, efficiency, and excellence. We hold all our projects to rigorous standards for safety, quality, and client approval.

As a laboratory general contractor, we know that laboratory construction has special requirements, especially if you deal with clean rooms and research free of contamination. We ensure that your laboratory building meets all codes and requirements.

Medical clinics have different requirements than laboratories. Our medical clinic contractors are experienced in bringing to life an amazing clinic that meets your specifications and the required building codes.

Our restaurant construction has been used by several prominent restaurants in the Toronto and Mississauga area. We offer the best in restaurant general contractor services and ensure that your project comes in on time and on budget.

If you are at the initail stages of constructing a new retail outlet, you absolutely need someone to run your construction project. Contact Green Frog construction and find out how our retail contractors can help your business even before it opens.


• Permit Services

• Plumbing

• Drywall & Framing

• Electrical

• Mechanical

• Structural

• Turnkey Operations

Commercial Projects


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