Building Contractors Put Safety First

July 25, 2018


Safety is the key to success for any construction company. It is a part of a work culture that needs to be encouraged and lived up to by everyone at the company in every position. Buy-in to a safe work culture does not happen overnight and owners and managers need to perform all their tasks safely with the correct equipment to get their employees on board. Job site safety is especially important. There are so many things that can go wrong on a job site and all employers want every one of their employees to go home safe at the end of the day. Here are some ways that the team at Green Frog Construction recommends to improve site safety for everyone.

Make Training Part of the Everyday

Workers who are properly trained will perform their jobs more safely. New workers are statistically more likely to get hurt on the job, and one of the factors in this is that they do not have proper or adequate training for their roles. Training can never be a one-off event. It has to be continual, and any time new processes or tools are introduced training has to be done on them to ensure that everyone knows how to perform all of their tasks and operate all machinery correctly. Everyone, no matter their experience, needs a refresh every so often.

Make It a Team Effort

The members of your team are experts in their field, and they are likely to have a lot of insight into how to do jobs safely and efficiently. They also know what equipment works best and should always be consulted and be part of the safety planning team. If your team helps make the plans for safety procedures they are more likely to embrace and follow them than ones that are made without their input and feel forced.


Every single person who steps onto a job site is responsible for safety, not just a manager or safety rep. Unsafe practices not only put the person committing them at risk but put others at risk as well. Make sure that everyone knows the job site rules and that everyone feels empowered to speak up about any unsafe activities or conditions on site. Every single person on site should also have the power to stop work if unsafe things are going on so that they can be corrected.

Rewards and Corrections

Rewarding safe behaviour is a great way to get everyone in the company working hard towards safety. Encouraging staff to attend their safety meetings, to always wear their PPE (personal protective equipment), report when near misses happen regardless of the reason and reporting unsafe conditions or hazards. Having a system that rewards these behaviours rather than a system that only punishes infractions helps create an environment where everyone is striving towards being safer rather than just putting in the bare minimum to not get in trouble.

At Green Frog Construction we believe that a company must work safely to do the best job at any worksite. We foster a safe work environment from the top down and do not think that any job is more important than going home safe at the end of the night. If you need construction work was done that is always completed with safety in mind, then contact us today.

Credit goes to Green Frog Construction – Commercial General Contractors Toronto





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