Benefits of Renovating your Kitchen and Bathroom Simultaneously

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Renovations can be exciting or daunting, depending on how you approach them. Doing more than one renovation project at the same time has its benefits. Choosing to do your kitchen and bathroom renovations simultaneously can save you time and money. Taking on more than one project takes a lot of mental preparation and planning to ensure that everything gets finished in a decent amount of time, and you can get the extra people out of your house as soon as possible. Listed below are several ways that taking on multiple renovations can be beneficial for you.

You Save Time

The kitchen and bathrooms are  most used in your house. They don’t only add value to your life, but can also can increase the value of your property substantially when renovated. Taking on both rooms at the same time can be quite overwhelming, and can feel like you got way in over your head when they are spread out over a long period of time. Renovating the two rooms not only saves time, but also removes any major inconveniences for everyone in your home.


Finding a contractor who can do both kitchen and bathroom renovations will have the knowledge to plan and execute both projects, and also will most likely be willing to work with you on costs. This means that cabinets can be installed in both rooms in one day, and tiling for both rooms can be planned for the same day. Evidently, quick, streamlined projects cut time, which is beneficial since having no access to your kitchen/bathrooms at the same time can be quite challenging, even for a short period of time.


When home renovation projects are spaced out and completed one at a time, costs quickly add up. Usually, this has to do with the contractor, and how they calculate the costs of small large projects. A smaller project like a bathroom may take a shorter period of still requires the assemblage of a crew and ordering supplies, which are all costs and factored into what you are charged. The more projects you are able to give a contractor, the more you will be able to negotiate, as you are providing them with a lot of business. A bathroom renovation can cost up to $5,000+, so why not take the opportunity to save yourself some coins?

Cohesive Design 

Even though the initial look of your rooms different, there should be some cohesiveness that is shared amongst them. When your kitchen and bathrooms are completed at the same time, you’ll be able to work with your contractor to achieve your desired finished projects that complement one another.


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