4 Ways to Avoid Common Commercial Construction Delays

September 20, 2018

Commercial Construction

Construction delays are pretty common and they can cost companies a large sum of money in missed business costs. Project delays can drag on for weeks, months and even years. 77% of big projects around the globe are said to be 40% behind schedule. Each delay affects the construction company involved in the project. Sometimes the delays are due to natural calamities. Sometimes, they are man-made. Sometimes they are avoidable. Sometimes they are not.

Green Frog Construction, a full turn-key commercial general contractor based in Toronto, can help your organization mitigate these delays with a few key thoughts to consider well before your project takes place.

Allow Time for Building Permits

Unrealistic expectations are one of the prime reasons behind high costs following construction delays. Building permits are mandatory for property construction, repairs and reconstruction. The permit process varies from location to location, and it cannot be stressed enough to always plan for the unexpected and leave a lot of lead time to allow for nature to take its course with unavoidable wait times. It is important to plan properly well in advance and have permits ready for your contractors.

Start with Shop Drawings

An effective way to avoid delays is by hiring a Design + Build General Contractor to create blueprints/drawings. This gives a clear picture of the tasks ahead and ensures everyone is on the same page, instead of leaving people guessing about details and slowing down efforts. The drawings need time to be created, discussed and submitted. Submit drawings on time and get approval at the earliest to start construction on time.

Allow Long-Lead Time

Construction projects involve many specified materials which need time to secure, right from order to delivery. Sometimes, the need is for unique materials and finishes that can’t be acquired quickly. They need time to be sourced such as specialty HVAC units, premium materials for elevators, and more. Delays in ordering, manufacturing, delivery, or installation can greatly slow down the construction completion schedule, as some trades can only begin when another is completed. Plan ahead of schedule to ensure things are completed on time without compromising on quality. Proper planning with clear communication, advanced tools, and updated technologies reduce risks, increase speed and allow better control of budgets and schedules.

Assign A Project Manager

Green Frog Construction prides itself on its organizational structure. Always ask your prospective general contractor if they will be assigning a site supervisor, project manager, or project coordinator. Green Frog Construction has a group of well-trained, industry experienced professionals in all categories who are all involved in every one of our projects. We hold weekly team meetings and update the entire team in real time on every project. Planning and teamwork are absolutely vital in any commercial project.

Green Frog Construction – Commercial Contractors in Toronto

We believe that no building is “one size fits all.” Proper planning and lead time are necessary to allow for permits to become available, equipment to be procured and delivered, trades to be scheduled in, and timelines to be monitored daily. Contact us to find out how we can construct for you with our specialized knowledge and organizational acumen.

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